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Mentorship for Sustainability Program - Applications Open Yearlong

Our Mentorship for Sustainability Program applications are open yearlong. Open to college and high school students, the program strives to involve youth in sustainability efforts and equip them with skills and knowledge that will help them in their academic and professional journeys, preparing them for a green future.

There are opportunities to plan and implement activities related to stream/wetland restoration, lobbying, environmental justice, diversifying sustainability, pollinator gardens, and other topics.

Potential mentees can apply for the next cohort of the program at

Potential mentors can apply for the next cohort of the program at

. Applicants can also apply to do a project with a friend!

We would appreciate it if you could share the program flyer and application links with your community.

Activities past mentors and mentees have collaborated on include:

  • Creating and presenting a lesson on climate change, sustainability, and climate action

  • Leading two educational nature walks for the community

  • Creating and teaching a lesson on native landscaping to middle school youth at a conference

  • Creating monthly infographics on sustainability

  • Planning and implementing a native plant garden at their high school

  • Participating in the monthly restoration and conservation of a watershed

  • Developing and implementing an undergraduate thesis research on beaver dams

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