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Get Involved!

We believe that community-driven efforts are essential for achieving equitable and sustainable solutions. We hope to include our community in each step of our programs, and volunteers are incredibly important for ensuring that we are producing positive social impacts.

If you like nature, sustainability, and community, Together for Nature offers many opportunities for you and your family to get involved. Please fill out the form at to let us know how you would like to assist Together for Nature programs! Find our current volunteer opportunities at


Since we are a grassroots organization, we welcome all forms of assistance. If you are interested in starting or guiding a project, we can work with you to make it happen. We look forward to hearing from you!  


Together for Nature is committed to increasing the justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion of our organization in order to advance our social and environmental impacts. Because we operate in NE Illinois where there are a large population of underserved people, people of color, and Spanish-speaking families, we especially want to create opportunities for them to participate and lead in our initiatives.

TFN Board and Community Council Meeting
Date: Second Mondays

Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Join us by Zoom

TFN's Board and Community Council (Other volunteers) have  monthly meetings focused on reviewing and planning all aspects of our nonprofit. All participants in the organization are volunteers, and we welcome new members to the council that are committed to equitable sustainability and environmental justice.  We may have staff join us soon.
The board and the community advisory council collaborate in a horizontal decision-making structure to plan and implement Together for Nature strategy, programming, outreach, and other activities. We are committed to community-driven change, so we welcome the feedback of all participants from the board and community advisory council regardless of age, education, or background. If you want to help plan and implement equitable sustainability change through these meetings, please Email us at
, and we can work together to improve the reciprocal relationships between people and the environment.

Education for Nature Team Meetings

Date: Second Mondays

Time: 7:00 pm - 8730 pm
Join us by Zoom
Sustainability education is important to understand our environmental and social conditions and to develop equitable and sustainable solutions. For that reason, we plan programming on sustainability and environmental topics that are culturally sensitive and for children of all ages and adults. We can facilitate a workshop for any organization, community group, or friend group. We are meeting once a month to plan our vision and progress. At the moment, we are working to organize and facilitate free environmental programming for youth in Chicago, develop programming to educate underserved communities about sustainable living and how to advocate for equitable sustainability solutions, and facilitate free fishing classes for youth in Waukegan and North Chicago! TFN is excited about and committed to shaping community-driven sustainability programming that supports our communities and environments. If you are interested in helping out in any capacity, Email us at

Mentorship For Sustainability Program
The  Mentorship for Sustainability Program strives to involve youth in sustainability efforts and equip them with skills and knowledge that will help them in their academic and professional journeys, preparing them for a green future.  We are especially committed to reducing barriers for underserved youth to participate in nature activities and sustainability change. There will be opportunities to plan and implement activities related to stream/wetland restoration, lobbying, environmental justice, diversifying sustainability, pollinator gardens, and other topics. Potential mentees can apply for the next cohort of the program at  Potential mentors can also register at 

Since our mentorship program has been led by dedicated volunteers over the past 3 years, we are continually looking for volunteers that want to help us run the program. Please respond to this email if you would like to help us shape and implement the program that has prepared 36 youth to advance our sustainable future.

Community Outreach and Equity
TFN is committed to advancing equitable engagement, so we can expand the impacts of our programs to all communities.  We recognize that we have to dedicate more time to ensuring that everyone has access to our programs. We are looking for volunteers that can help us do outreach regularly. There are regular outreach fairs in our communities during weekdays and weekends, so there are opportunities for anyone to help out. If you like what we do, or if you have benefited from our programs, we would appreciate your support. Help us advance the sustainable impacts of our organization.

Monthly Volunteer Orientation
Date and Time: Every 4th Saturday, @ 1:00 - 2:00 pm
On Zoom
We will have a monthly volunteer orientation geared at connecting local   community members to our programs focused on improving our social and environmental impacts and increasing the equity of sustainability efforts. At the orientation, we will be reviewing our TFN Volunteer Orientation Packet, going over volunteer  opportunities and required forms. We also want to get to know you more and learn about your interests, so we can connect you to a volunteer opportunity with TFN that would be rewarding for you.

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