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for Nature

Together for Nature is excited to create a community that is committed to equitable sustainability and uplifting the priorities of underserved communities.

Community for Nature.

Together for Nature works in  partnership  to organize nature events for youth and the broader community to learn how to improve their social and environmental interconnections and impacts. Through conservation, restoration, and recreation events, we share skills for advancing nature-based solutions that include native plant landscaping, watershed restoration and others.  We conduct the activities alongside our community partners by leveraging their diverse skills and resources. Since sustainability requires the transformation of all aspects of society, Together for Nature is  committed to building community partnerships that foster cross-sector collaboration to improve our social and environmental impacts in northeastern IL.

Changemakers for Sustainability.

We are on track to pass 2°C in climate change, which could have catastrophic  social and environmental consequences and increase extreme weather events more than fourfold. It is time now to act for climate and sustainable solutions!

Join Together for Nature for our changemaking meetings! We will be discussing our priorities for advancing sustainability and regenerating the social and environmental interconnections of our communities in northeastern Illinois. Every month we will address a different topic.


Sign up at to get information about our meetings.

We hope to use the information obtained from these meetings in order to develop a community-driven and equitable strategy for advancing sustainability in NE Illinois.

Statewide Virtual Community.

Together for Nature and Equity and Sustainability Consulting have started a statewide list-serve for connecting IL people interested in advancing equity in the climate/sustainability/environmental sectors. Sign up at

We especially hope that this online community can serve as a space for supporting, networking, collaborating, and learning for youth, underserved communities and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) people.

We created this space because the environmental/sustainability sectors are missing a notable lack of diversity, and we want to help increase their social impact through support and connections.

Members will be able to share information regarding professional and networking opportunities, including jobs, trainings, events, and more!

You will be added to the online community once you fill out this form! Please reach out with any questions to

Check our ever expanding list of current job and community opportunities at! Make sure you are signed up for our statewide virtual community to receive updates in real time

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