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We are committed to developing and implementing community-driven activities, events, and programs that advance the sustainability of our northeastern IL communities in an equitable manner. 

Community-Driven Programs.

Together for Nature programs are planned and implemented by volunteers. We are working on initiatives to improve the social and environmental impacts of our communities in northeastern IL.


Mentorship for Sustainabilty

Together for Nature and Equity and Sustainability Consulting started the Mentorship for Sustainability Program to involve students in local environmental efforts and to equip them with skills and knowledge that will help them in their academic and professional journeys, preparing them for a green future.


Community for Nature

TFN works in  partnership  to organize sustainability and  nature events for youth and the broader community to learn how to improve their social and environmental interconnections and impacts. Through conservation, restoration, and recreation events, we share skills for advancing nature-based solutions that include native plant landscaping, watershed restoration and others.  We conduct the activities alongside our long-term community partners by leveraging our diverse skills and resources and supporting each other.


Education for Nature

Together for Nature recognizes that historically sustainability efforts and education across the nation have not been inclusive to all groups. Sustainability education is important to understand our environmental and social conditions and to develop equitable and sustainable solutions. For that reason, we plan programming on sustainability and environmental topics that are culturally sensitive and for children of all ages and adults. We can facilitate a workshop for any organization, community group, or friend group. 


Projects for Sustainability

Together for Nature is conducting projects and research on various sustainability topics. Several high school and college students that have participated in our Mentorship program have started and continued projects to improve social and environmental conditions in their communities. Most of our projects are also conducted in collaboration with our sustainability partners.


Equity for Sustainability

Together for Nature works to ensure that all of our programs advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). Moreover, we are committed to helping increase the JEDI of sustainable efforts in northeastern IL.


Policy for Sustainability

Together for Nature members have worked on a variety of coalitions to pass sustainable policies that benefit people and the environment. We will continue to build and support partnerships that improve our social and environmental conditions!

Where We Work.

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