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Together for Nature understands that we need changes in all aspects of society in order to achieve sustainability. We are committed to helping our communities participate in developing solutions and policies in order to advance equity in sustainability.


We are excited to announce that we joined the Illinois Green New Deal Coalition that is a “multiracial, working class, cross-sectoral united front to win a green new deal agenda at the intersection of racial, economic, and climate justice in Illinois.” We will be assisting with planning and supporting their Youth Council! Together for Nature is motivated to collaborate and advance equitable sustainability in our communities with our fellow coalition partners!

As part of Changemakers for Sustainability, Together for Nature created Community-Driven Sustainability Surveys with Equity and Sustainability Consulting, so the Lake County, IL communities could identify their priorities for sustainable solutions in their communities. This survey is part of a collection of surveys you can find here that focus on different sustainability topics.  The surveys are based on a review of Climate Action Plans and demands from environmental justice and underserved communities.

We will use the information obtained from these surveys in order to develop toolkits that can be used by the community and decisionmakers to advocate for and implement community priorities. Together for Nature will also use responses to develop a community-driven and equitable strategy for advancing equitable sustainability in NE Illinois.

Sustainable Health and Equity Survey: Click here

Sustainable Climate Mitigation Survey: Click here

Sustainable Transportation: Click here

Sustainable Agriculture: Click here

Sustainable Water and Soil: Click here

Sustainable and Clean Air: Click here

Sustainable and Fair Economies: Click here

Sustainable Production and Consumption: Click here

Sustainable Buildings: Click Here

Sustainable Solutions Survey - One survey with all topics above: Click Here

If you are interested in continuing the discussion about a survey you took, please fill out this form or email

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